Teen love ❤️

Now day teen love is common. So the story q that one of the old friends wants to join the tuition. Next Ashish entry the tuition. Tuition teacher surprise to see him. Ashish was the younger brother of one of the previous student.

The secret love

One day Amaya notices Khushi’s behavior is change. A girl who rarely talks with the boy but now she blushing like he is talking to his boyfriend. Even Ashish was nice in behavior. Amaya asked Khushi “Ashish is your boyfriend“. Khushi was surprised to look at her she said Yes. Amaya was very happy to know that after some time Amaya and Ashish become close friend.


Amaya doesn’t have any brothers so she decided to bring Rakhi for him. Ashish is extremely happy to have one more sister in his life .hence he proved that the relationship doesn’t make by blood but it will make by pure heart and soul. Amaya is also happy to have a brother like him.

Birthday alert ⚠️

Ashish was confused because he is not decided on her gift. Ashish notice that Amaya is coming from school he decided to go with her to buy the gift for Khushi. They are confused about the gift suddenly Ashish decided to gift the bracelet to her so they both when there Ashish was confused again about the n so he decided to buy both.

The lovestory

One day Amaya asked Khushi to tell her story….

Amaya notices the blush and sparkling eyes of Khushi so. Ashish and Khushi both are neighbors Amaya starts laughing and the first song which comes to my mind is.

Now the Khushi tells Amaya that his and her young sister both are friends.

The misunderstanding

Misunderstand started with from Ashish side. Ashish was very week ear. Anyone easily fills his ear and he thinks and his ear believes it. After some time they decided to separate both each. It is hard for me to hear about the breakup but it was true ..

The gap between them increases day bs y day. Everyone is again to Khushi there are saying she was responsible for everything… Even Ashish is also taking her the wrong way and amaya try to solve it but she can’t….

Because both are right in their place but once I think about Ashish was trust issue with Khushi and it easily comes in people convertsation…

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