Teen love ❤️

Now day teen love is common. So the story q that one of the old friends wants to join the tuition. Next Ashish entry the tuition. Tuition teacher surprise to see him. Ashish was the younger brother of one of the previous student.

The secret love

One day Amaya notices Khushi’s behavior is change. A girl who rarely talks with the boy but now she blushing like he is talking to his boyfriend. Even Ashish was nice in behavior. Amaya asked Khushi “Ashish is your boyfriend“. Khushi was surprised to look at her she said Yes. Amaya was very happy to know that after some time Amaya and Ashish become close friend.


Amaya doesn’t have any brothers so she decided to bring Rakhi for him. Ashish is extremely happy to have one more sister in his life .hence he proved that the relationship doesn’t make by blood but it will make by pure heart and soul. Amaya is also happy to have a brother like him.

Birthday alert ⚠️

Ashish was confused because he is not decided on her gift. Ashish notice that Amaya is coming from school he decided to go with her to buy the gift for Khushi. They are confused about the gift suddenly Ashish decided to gift the bracelet to her so they both when there Ashish was confused again about the n so he decided to buy both.

The lovestory

One day Amaya asked Khushi to tell her story….

Amaya notices the blush and sparkling eyes of Khushi so. Ashish and Khushi both are neighbors Amaya starts laughing and the first song which comes to my mind is.

Now the Khushi tells Amaya that his and her young sister both are friends.

The misunderstanding

Misunderstand started with from Ashish side. Ashish was very week ear. Anyone easily fills his ear and he thinks and his ear believes it. After some time they decided to separate both each. It is hard for me to hear about the breakup but it was true ..

The gap between them increases day bs y day. Everyone is again to Khushi there are saying she was responsible for everything… Even Ashish is also taking her the wrong way and amaya try to solve it but she can’t….

Because both are right in their place but once I think about Ashish was trust issue with Khushi and it easily comes in people convertsation…


Best friends

The story started from a misunderstanding of a girl name Khushi who newly admission to school sitting with a boy. The story starting from LKG class.Khushi who was new in class sitting with two other Benchmade. After some time her father change school and both are separate from each other…..

After 13 year

Kyushu goes for the tuition of maths and science she meets a girl name Jyoti in tuition and there becomes a friend. They both spending time together after some time there will become best friend .most interest factor both are the total opposite to each other like behavior Jyoti is an extrovert kind person or pure nonveg and Khushi is an introvert person or pure vegetarian. One day you bring a school photograph of LkG and Khushi was excite ..

Secret behind the photograph

Khushi asked jyoti to show her photo when she point her self khushi react.. Wyatt… This boycutting hair and short pant boy are you….. are you kidding with me he was my friend and we both are sitting together…

Khushi was surprised after knowing this… They both are laughing.. After this revel, they both become best friends. Khushi was jyoti both are studying different school in are even there are manage both things proper. Even Khushi brings lunch to her most of the time.

Best Friend to sisterhood

The bond is made by a pure heart. Both are becoming two bodies, one soul, even Khushi always there to support her. The friendship turns into a beautiful relationship. Even whenever jyoti needs support she always there.

Khushi is a girl with a golden heart. one thing which is common in both there are always know how to happy in every situation and place.

Jyoti was the extrovert type of person she always tries something new and exciting. One day Khushi give a dare to jyoti flirt with a guy in front of them. When jyoti and Khushi reach her shop and jyoti say hello! to him he starts blushing his face become red and both are surprised with the reaction .

At last, I would like to thanks her to be a part of my life and love lot

College ❤️


The story started from the first day of college and I am sitting on the second last bench of the class. It was 2 weeks of September suddenly the door is open and he entered the class and he is wearing a blue kurta and my eye starts looking at him. I think he was the one person with whom I want to friendship with him. My heartbeat increase and struggle he comes and sits on the same benches. Within the movement, we started talking with each other, and I love the way he smiles and talks. Now our friendship chapter being started…..


It was the first time that I like him. His nature and behavior are too nice and I love to talk with him. The time running so fast that it has been half year past. After some time we come closer to each other, and I realize that I started loving him. Now the college internal is coming and I decided to purpose to him. One day Finally I speak to him, that I start loving him and we have decided to come into a relationship.

One week relationship….

We enjoy the day which we spend together but as we all know ‘ nothing remains the same for a long time ‘. Now I kept my eyes on him, keeping secret, avoid him and at last, the relationship becomes toxic and we realize that we are better in friendship.

Friendship zone

Our friendship becomes famous in class. We are not in a relationship but the people think that we are a couple… After some time one day, He said ‘I will think about one more time about our relationship‘ I start blushing and reply him “okay okay no need ” but somewhere in my heart start to hope for some positive things…

The call on 15 February

Hey, I have decided to come into a relationship with you. And I was thinking he is doing some prank with me but one he kisses on my chick and said I m not doing any type of prank. Now, I’m become more careful and mature enough to work with the relationship..

Again the thing are change for me

we both work in this relationship, give time to each other, Now the thing is becoming more beautiful and now have spending day with him, long call, night msg, emoji and sharing movement. Now the relationship completes one year. The relationship is fulfilling with up and down, fights and love, and full of feeling.

Birthday wish

In my life first time, I was nervous to call him my hands were shaking, and my voice change I wish him. And the phone starts ringing and I wish him. But I don’t word to tell him how much I love him. I want to tell him that how much I love him, care for him most important what I feel about him…

Now, what next….. The story will continue in the next years.