Best friends

The story started from a misunderstanding of a girl name Khushi who newly admission to school sitting with a boy. The story starting from LKG class.Khushi who was new in class sitting with two other Benchmade. After some time her father change school and both are separate from each other…..

After 13 year

Kyushu goes for the tuition of maths and science she meets a girl name Jyoti in tuition and there becomes a friend. They both spending time together after some time there will become best friend .most interest factor both are the total opposite to each other like behavior Jyoti is an extrovert kind person or pure nonveg and Khushi is an introvert person or pure vegetarian. One day you bring a school photograph of LkG and Khushi was excite ..

Secret behind the photograph

Khushi asked jyoti to show her photo when she point her self khushi react.. Wyatt… This boycutting hair and short pant boy are you….. are you kidding with me he was my friend and we both are sitting together…

Khushi was surprised after knowing this… They both are laughing.. After this revel, they both become best friends. Khushi was jyoti both are studying different school in are even there are manage both things proper. Even Khushi brings lunch to her most of the time.

Best Friend to sisterhood

The bond is made by a pure heart. Both are becoming two bodies, one soul, even Khushi always there to support her. The friendship turns into a beautiful relationship. Even whenever jyoti needs support she always there.

Khushi is a girl with a golden heart. one thing which is common in both there are always know how to happy in every situation and place.

Jyoti was the extrovert type of person she always tries something new and exciting. One day Khushi give a dare to jyoti flirt with a guy in front of them. When jyoti and Khushi reach her shop and jyoti say hello! to him he starts blushing his face become red and both are surprised with the reaction .

At last, I would like to thanks her to be a part of my life and love lot


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